Kemp House

The water was turned on in this post-earthquake bungalow style house on October 7, 1907. The partially enclosed porch with its colored glass may have been added later along with the dormer and basement window. Built during the Arts and Crafts period, the style is well suited to its hillside location. The front yard provides a restful approach and the original iron fence and gate unify the exterior.

The original owner was George C. Kemp, who lived in the house from 1907 to 1945. Mr. Kemp was born in England on August 27, 1871, and became a U.S. citizen in 1891. His wife, Laura Davis was born in Michigan on November 13, 1868. They had two children, both of whom had died by 1910. In 1893, Mr. Kemp was working as a jeweler with Kemp Bros. at 2002 Market Street, but by 1908, he was an optician at 393 Fillmore Street.

Subsequently, the Phipphs family bought this house. It stayed in their family and was then given to a nephew. In 1968, after he passed away, the home was bequeathed to his nurse, who later sold it.