McMillan House - One

Mabillan McMillan, a carpenter-builder, constructed this house in 1890, when he was 28. Originally, it appears to have been a one-story structure. The Sanborn map of 1900 shows two small buildings on this lot—one at the rear (350 square feet) and one at the front (890 square feet). There was also a stable on the northern border of the property line.

Mabillan, a native of Missouri, was born in 1861, while his wife was born in Germany in 1862. The McMillans resided here until 1893, when they moved to the new house Mabillan had built at 656 Elizabeth.

Census records show that John McKeown owned the property in 1900. He was a stationary engineer with San Francisco Gas and Electric Company, who came to the United States in 1870 from Ireland. His wife Winifred, also a native of Ireland, was born in 1867. They had two children: John S., born in 1897, and Ruth E., born in 1899.

Voting records show that Mr. Edwin Engle Lloyd, a police officer (age 44), lived at 436 Elizabeth Street in 1909. In 1911, James V. Symington, a clerk (age 34), and William Edmond Roberts, a mill hand also resided here. They may have occupied the rear cottage. In 1930 the property was transferred to Ruth E. Pelsinger and John S. McKeown from Winifred McKeown.