Nyhan House

According to historical information this flat-front Italianate house was built in 1885. However, its style indicates that it could have been built in the 1870’s; there is a possibility that it had been moved from another address or location, thus actually predating its recorded construction date on this site. The exterior details and form are very similar to many other flat-fronted Italianate houses of the 1870’s.

The front elevation is symmetrical, with double windows spaced equally on either side of the entrance door. A simple cornice tops it, with carved brackets separated by panelized sections. There are large window hoods with their own respective brackets and ornately carved brackets supporting the entrance hood. Simply hewn plaques on either side of a center button surmount the arched windows; buttons also descend from the base of the brackets.

Timothy and Ellen Nyhan occupied the home in its early years. Continuing until 1969, several generations of Nyhans resided there.

Between 1969 and 1983 there were four owners. In 1983 Everson Landis purchased the home and made significant changes. He added the garage facing Vicksburg Street, which accommodates one car; above the garage an artist’s studio was added. Everson also modified the lower floor, which is below street level, and designed the terraced English garden.